Will this work? Help is greatly appreciated.

Hi all.

I am moving into a house with 3 others and we are all constantly using the internet which makes gaming laggy and a real pain in backside.

My problem is that it isn't our house and the owners don't want to connect the landline. So there goes my options for ADSL which leave me with mobile broadband.

The issues with that are that the plan we have, has a router which is quite ill suited to my current needs. I would like to be able to setup multiple SSIDs where I could allocate bandwith on each one so I could game lag free. However the router we have can't do this. What I want to do is use repeater which has bandwith allocation and then connect everyone to the repeater rather than the original router.

Likely I would use this one from PCCG.


Would this work? Would the speeds still be the same as if they were only coming out of the one router and not the repeater as well?

Please note, I am in AUSTRALIA.

Help is greatly appreciated.
Tom :pt1cable:
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More about will work greatly appreciated
  1. Anyone? :/
  2. Help me please!! :/
  3. I have no real experience about this, but i know that some of the newer routers / etc have something called a "guest network" that you can set up from the same router. Depending on the firmware or what is available through the device setup, you might be able to limit that guest networks bandwidth.

    On a side note, using mobile broadband will probably still be very slow or unreliable (just the nature of the beast).
  4. I forgot to mention, you can always look up router functionality from.... GOOGLE =) I don't know anyone specifically offhand, but I believe this is possible
  5. Yeah I know that. The router I wanted has everything I want. I just want to know if I can connect everyone to that as a repeater rather than the original mobile router... I am sure I could though :)
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