Live 5.1 digital (SB0220)

now that I installed that SB 5.1 digital in my WindowsME
the computer keep crashing (blue screen) at the very early stage of booting windows... I know this is not much to go on.. but with some tip I will find out more why! no device seems to be conflicting. & BTW what model is SB0220 I know they usualy start with "CTxxxx"

Thank you.
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  1. You might be having a IRQ issue here. I've had many problems with my sound cards in the past because I would install them into PCI slots that shared IRQ with another demanding card. The thing with soundcards is that they are are hogs! Try putting it into a PCI slot that doesn't share an IRQ with anything else, this information will be available in the motherboard's manual, assuming you don't have a ready-built computer from the likes of HP. IBM, etc. If you find yourself running low on usable PCI slots, try having your card share an IRQ with something that doesn't demmand much, like a Network card. Avoid sharring an IRQ with your VideoCard at all costs. Although some motherboard manufacturers don't allow you to, this could be your problem. On a side note, why you choose to run Windows ME is beyond my comprehension! It is by far the worst version of Windows. As a gamer I must instruct you to run one of two versions of Windows, either 98' or 2000 (with the latest service pack). I use 98 because I have many old school DOS games I still like to run. But if you only play new games and want stability, opt for 2000.

    I hope that helps

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