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Ok, here's the deal. The most expensive Klipsch speakers today go for $399 US. They support surround sound when you have a good soundcard. What I'd like to know is why would you get the Klipsch speakers for $399 when you could buy a Panasonic, Sony, etc. 5-Disc DVD-player/Amplifier with the 5.1 or 6.1 speakers (which not only supports Dolby Digital but also DTS) for less than Klipsch's suggested retail price! As far as I know, the DVD/Amp would give you equal if not better performance, and you could hook it up to your monitor (via Viewsonic hub) so that you could watch movies as well. It seems to me that we gamers have been so amused that Klipsch offers the best computer speakers that we didn't stop for a second to think that home-audio is cheaper and better. If any of you have objections, please post them, I'm just about to get new speakers (I had the DTT 2500's from Cambridge) and if you think I'm about to make a big mistake, let me know why.

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  1. I am in the opinion that home speakers in general will sound better then home speakers.

    For computer speakers, Klipsch Pro media's are good. I prefer the Cambridge Megaworks. Now, I do not own either but buddies of mine have them. Personaly, I think the cheap home surround sound system are really about the same as computers speakers. I assume the surround systems are video shielded, if not go for the computer speakers. Both of these systems use cheap components, so you are not going to get a quality of sound compared to a decent home stereo system. When I say decent, not the cheap(consumer grade) stuff you buy at a Best Buy, Kmart and etc.

    If you have good good used/new dealer in town that could be a option. They sell high quality to cheap consumer grade equipment. They usually offer a free one year upgrade, meaning, you buy an amp for 200.00 it retains its value of 200.00 for a trade in. The consumer grade stuff has little cost when bought used.

    Having said all that negative of the computer and cheaper surround sound systems, they do not sound that bad. Also, if you get just regular stereo speakers they probally will not have video shielding. Shielding is important if you have your speakers near the TV or computer monitor.

    Playing games on your TV is not a good option. It does not have the resolution of a computer monitor, you can watch movies on a computer monitor of course.

    You might be right, it might be better option to buy a home surround system. Really, speaker wise in the cheaper home systems it is the same with computer speakers, they probably use the same drivers( drivers=speaker cones).

    The ease of the computer system hook up might be easier though.

    I prefer home speakers, but I have lots of good amps and speakers around over years of home audio collecting. No computer speakers can match them. I use some for my computer gaming. Also, a good central speaker is very important in movie watching. You need a good quality with a good amp for best sound.

    Just for fun, try out the local new/used independent dealer for components. Hear some quality sound and you might find a good product to buy.

    Now if I did not have a bunch of audio equipment lying around, I would be fairly happy with something like a Cambridge Megaworks 510D.

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  2. Try this: Why buy B&W Signature 800 speakers for ~$20000 when you can build a kickass separate system with another speaker set for the same amount?!

    Because of the extreme care and innovation that went into their design to make them sound better. So, while I don't know how the Klipsch speakers sound (never tried one) I think your answer lies in the quality of sound reproduction. When I was buying my stereo amp/speaker, I could have gone with an all-in-one plays-everything makes-your-neighbour's-window-rattle too-powerful with 27.1 speakers Sony but I didn't. I actually paid a bit higher for my Denon/B&W setup alone...
  3. B&W's=nice, I just got some m&k's, do you know a good audio forum? All the ones I use are slow.
  4. Dear r2k,
    While I can appreciate that you may be an audiophile and might recommend $20,000 in stereo equipment for personal computer use, my question/comment was; at Klipsch's PRICE RANGE of $399, an all in one system would be better since it would be able to recreate Klipsch's performance and also have the DVD playback option. I do not doubt that quality equipment such as B&W or even "Bang & Olufssen" would be exponentially better, but at their current pricetags it would be like comparing an Aston Martin Vanquish to a Fiat Punto! For most of us here, we are not able to afford such extravigant speakers as you might be accustomed to. Nevertheless, thank you for your reply.

    To deny our own impulses is to deny the very thing that makes us human.
  5. No, no, no, you misunderstood my post. I'm not an audiophile, hardly even a starter in HiFi and I don't own $20'000 equipment (I may do so when I retire though ;) ), not at all! I bought my Denon PMA-655R amp/B&W DM303 speakers for ~$600 altogether...And for the record I never ever recommend $20'000 equipment for paltry PCs we've got.

    I just wanted to show you an example about the quality of sound coming out. I said I haven't heard Klipsch speakers but from what I've read and heard here and there they're good. They're at least considered above average for PC speakers OK? Now, go and listen to a 5.1 home system (Sony has some models) for ~$400 and then compare the sound to the Klipsches. Then buy whatever sounds better to your ears even if it goes for $100 less. Although, if the Klipsch (or the people that praise them so much) are not full of lies and marketing crap, I suppose it'd be fair to guess that the Klipsch would sound better than the whole all-in-one thing. Because if it really takes a $399 tag for Klipsch to make these profitable, you can bet they're made better and would probably sound better than the speakers and receiver and amp you get in an all-in-one desktop/boombox set. If on the other hand Klipsch just rely on their big name to sell crap at high prices, as I said before, you will be better off listening and comparing and choosing what YOU find right. That 20'000 dollar example was for you to know that there's almost always a complete system (probably very good in terms of sound quality) you can buy for the price of a single component (especially loudspeakers) in any price range. Now it's up to you to decide which one (based on your perceptions of good and more importantly the amount in your pocket!) you want.

    I've found some good forums in the HiFi Choice magazine website (a very good place for reviewing mid-fi (as in not too bloody expensive) equipment actually) at: www.hifichoice.co.uk
    Another fast-paced audio forum at Audio Asylum:

    And yes, the B&Ws sound nice :) For $250 they're almost unbeatable overall bar Kef UniQ Q1s (which are more expensive anyway).
  6. While I can't exactly answer your question fully, I can say this. My christmas present this year was a set of klipsch promedia 5.1 speakers. If you have 400 dollars to spend, these are very worth it. The sound quality is superb and they don't distort (such as crackling bass) no matter how loud you crank them.

    Also, let me try and save you 50 bucks. If you go for the klipsch speakers, you can find them much cheaper through pricewatch.com. Unless I'm mistaked micro-pro (must go through pricewatch) has the 5.1 promedias for 330 bucks or thereabouts. In any case good luck with the new speakers. Sorry I couldn't completely answer your question.

    -non computer guru
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