Switch before router?

I have read and read, with the technology are there any switches made that can be used before a wireless router? My setup is now cable>modem (wndr3700v2)>switch. I want to extend wireless in a big house and put the router after the switch as I dont need wireless where thecable modem is, its all hard wired.
So cable>Modem>switch>wan router.
I am told do access point but only if you gurus tell me too!

I just want to move wireless modem to middle of house, any help PLEASE.


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  1. Hello and welcome to Tom's Hardware Forums.

    I don't see a problem other than having to wire from the switch to the middle of the house where the router is going to live.

    The access point option would be better if you left the router beside the switch and used a second, cheaper router or an even less expensive access point in the middle of the house.
  2. I thought I could not put a router after a switch? the cable modem has to stay where it is.

  3. If it helps to look on it this way, a router is just a switch with a wireless function as an additional feature. A repeater, or access point, in another part of the house can pick up the signal and strengthen it before transmitting to local computers.

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