Msmpeng file do I need it.


Can someone explain if I need this exe file Msmpeng.exe that was part of my installation package?
I was told it was a Microsoft spyware. How will it help me? Can I tune it to not use so much memory?

In terms of acquiring an alternative spyware tool, I installed Malwareby pro for free but discontinued after noticing it created a file Mbamservice.exe which was eating up to much memory.

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  1. msmpeng.exe is a component of Microsoft Security Essentials and is needed for the program to operate. mbamservice.exe is a component of the Pro version that runs all of the time to block Malware from getting on your system. If you run the free version, this service is only loaded when you open the program and run a scan. The free (non-pro) version does not perform real-time scanning like the pro version.
  2. Both will do that if there are remnants of other AV software on the laptop that conflict with it. Uninstall all other AV software and use a cleaner tool to remove old registry keys and left over files. CCleaner works well.

    I like Avast! free. it works fine for me. and Spybot 2. and Malwarebytes free as a scanner.
  3. Could someone provide me a link of free Malwareby w/o the pro version. There seems to be many versions of this product online. Don't want to make the same mistake taking the pro version.

    thanks to all for your feedback.
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