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I have an old 100Mhz Windows 95 machine (I also have a recent system, so don't tell me to upgrade). The CD-ROM drive seems to have disappeared. Only the floppy and hard disk drives appear in the My Computer window. I tried to get Windows to recognize it but "Add new hardware" doesn't work since it doesn't detect it, and if I install something from the list then it still doesn't work.

In the device properties, I have an exclamation mark next to the primary and secondary IDE controllers. Under performance, it says that drive C: is using an MS-DOS paging file system (or something like that), and that it doesn't recognize a driver in the config.sys folder. I'm guessing this has something to do with the CD drive not appearing.

It's an IBM machine, and I can't re-install Windows since the CD drive is not being detected. I thought of manually formatting the drive and then using the CD to install Windows, but there is still no garantee that the CD drive will work or be recognized. I opened up the case and all of the connections are fine.

Is there anyone who has any suggestions about getting the CD drive to be recognized, or successfully formatting the drive? Thanks to anyone that can help.
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  1. You CAN reinstall windows from a command prompt using a Windows 98 settup floppy. Yes, they work for 95 also, just choose the "start computer with CD-ROM support" option, change to the drive letter assigned by the bootdisk to the CD-ROM (usually D:), and run settup.

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  2. Actually I have the same problem on one of my old systems as well. I basically had about 5 systems lying around, and put everything "good" into 3, OC'ed the CPUs as much as could and so on, and installed Win98SE on all of em, with WinXP on my new and main rig for networking ease. One of the systems displays the same problems, (exclamation point next to IDE controller, CD-ROM not being picked-up) ... I've reinstalled the OS, so don't even bother, it won't work... I believe its driver problems, but where the hell to find 7-year-old drivers?!

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  3. Probably a driver problem... any idea which mainboard your computer has? Or does it has an additional I/O controller?

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