How to port-forward through two routers?

Hello Everyone!

My problem is that the first router in my network is a shitty one (Ubee DVW3200) provided by Time Warner Cable, but I cant trash it because it converts cable to internet. This router has very poor WiFi range and speed. I then have a Netgear WNDR3400 high performance router in a better location that always has the best speeds and signal. I currently am using the Ubee WiFi because i need to port forward through it and can't figure out how to forward through the Ubee router into the Netgear router then to my PC.

Thanks guys :hello:
-Mr. Minecraft
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  1. @ Allian What the ***. Please do not post useless spam.

    Can anyone else help please?
  2. Still need an answer to this. What if i create a network bridge between my modem and router?
  3. if all you need the Netgear for is to provide a wireless signal, convert it to an AP and do the port forwarding in the main router.
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