with a 133fsb, is ddr400 or ddr333 faster?

I've noticed in all the performance tests taht ddr333 is faster than ddr400, and I believe this is because with ddr333 the ram is running in sync with the processor but with ddr400 is not. So my questions is, if you only have a xp 2400+ with a 133mhz fsb, would hte ddr333 or ddr 400 be faster, because they are both in sync?(I'm assuming ddr266 would be slower even though it is in sync) Thanks
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  1. Actually DDR333 is not "in sync" as you said. The FSB is using a 133MHz signal and the DDR333 is using a 166MHz signal clock. It has more to do with the advancement of the MCH on the motherboard. If you remember the first DDR266 memory controllers were terrible. The perfomance advantages were small. The VIA came out with the "A" version and that was much better. (DDR400 is not a JEDEC standard yet) I am sure there will be better chipset with better memory controllers out soon.

    As for your question, if you see that the DDR333 is better for your "need for speed" then go ahead and use that. (Based on your research) Other than that the actual differences in the two will yield minimal gains anyway since both memory buses will be restricted by the FSB. (133MHz clock vs. 166MHz or 200MHz)

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