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Hello everyone. Great forum.

I'm building a new system and I'm debating which speaker system would be best. I'd like to keep it in the sub$200 range.

I will be going with an nForce2 board audio solution (no flames please) and I would like to bypass the onboard DAC and it's electrical noise if possible. This system will be used for some light movie use (I have a real home theater system in another room), tv, digital video editing, and occasional gaming. I'm not looking for booming base, but would prefer a clear midrange and tighter bass sound. Also, this will be played in a small area and rarly will I crank it up. So quality at low decibles is more important than peak or RMS wattage.

A couple of sets I'm looking at are the Yamaha TSS-1B and the Monsoon MH-505 or the very low end solution the AL 251.

My question... I understand the the MH-505's are better speakers than the TSS-1, but will they still sound better considering that I would be using the integrated DAC and analog 6 channel input? Will I get good localization in movies and games and a clear soundstage? Would the DD5.1 encoding through S/PDiF to the Yamaha's be a better solution while also saving some on system resources?

I read this website's review of the Tss-1, but they didn't compare them with any other low cost 6 channel analog speakers. At they time of the review they probably didn't compete, but nForce2 users need to consider both options.

Both of these systems have been out for a while. Are there any other comparable analog or digital speakers in this price range that you would recommend we add to the discussion?

I look forward to your opinons. Especially if you have heard both speaker lines and have experience with nForce2.

Thank you!
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  1. No, actually the onboard audio on the Nforce2 is one of the few good quality ones!

    Regarding PC speaker sets they all have their limitations due to size and cost, but probably the best around are kpirsch (sp?). If they are too expensive, consider an altec lansing set.

    But just remember money = quality.
    Thats why i actually output my audio to a proper sony HIFI unit. Far better than all but the most expensive PC speaker set.

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  2. Good Klipsch, Monsoon, Logitech, or Cambridge system would be fine. If you like good home theater speakers you might find computers speakers lacking.

    I like the Cambridge for good midrange and treble and tight bass.

    For a 5.1 system under 200.00, that could be tough. I would suggest getting a good system with 2 main speakers, one center channel and a subwoofer, then maybe adding rear speakers later.

    The Nforce sound is very good.

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