At present I'm running 29160 with a x15 seagte 20gb drive. This pc is mainly used for nothing more than games, cruising the net and the odd auto-cad/graphic design work. I don't need more performance, but as everyone here knows, we ALWAYS! want more hehe. Anyway, I've been doing some research into improving my disk performance. And the only thing that I can see that would greatly increase performance is to switch to a RAID SCSI setup.
I'm looking at the Adaptec Ultra 320 2120S single channel controller with 2 ultra320 x15 20gb seagates attached to it. Does this setup make sense? or is there something much better for a comparable amount of investment. Should I go for the 36GB x15's ??? I would greatly appriciate any insight as to what I should do here.

Thanks in advance

AXP 1.8+ on A7A266 1.03
Samsung PC2100 256mb
Seagate X15 on Adaptec 29160
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  1. Well, anything beyond 133MB/s is beyond the capabilities of the PCI slot, so Ultra 160 will do. In fact, a two channel Ultra 80 is just as fast as a single Ultra 160 channel, becuase the channels are addressed independantly. Having said that, I'm selling a 3-channel server card with 64MB cache, Ultra 80 per channel, multiple channel transfers at the limit of the PCI bus. It supports up to 45 hard drives, imagine a RAID 5 array using 3 channels with 15 drives per! Anyway, it would save you some money and recover some of my losses if you were to take interest in this card.

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