Ethernet, Motherboard VS Dlink DGE560T and Connection Problems.

Okay, so I have a newer ASUS motherboard. I built the PC without a network card because I was lazy back then, and I had also lost my pci-e Ethernet card (D-link DGE-560T). At the time I wasn't gaming much because I had a heavy work load (10-12/h days 5 days a week) and I just didn't feel like gaming much. Now that I lost my job and am unable to secure a new one (crappy economy) I started gaming again. The motherboard does not cut it, I also noticed that my youtube video's wont load 720 or 1080 very speedy like I'm used to (speed tested @ 25/5). So I put in my DGE-560T and installed the drivers and when I connect the same cable I used for the motherboard it doesn't like up or anything. No link. So in the D-link drivers it installed a VCT (cable tester) and I ran it, I came up with 2 shorts @ 2m and 1 improper impedance. So I connected my older longer cat6 (50feet) and I got the same result but at a different distance (2 shorts @ 5m and 1 improper impedance). Now when I connect both cables into the motherboard it works fine, but when I plug into the D-Link 560T it just doesn't want to work. I then disconnected the 560T and plugged another one (my brothers) in and his wont work either (same thing cables are bad, same readings!).

Are my cables bad and the d-link knows it so wont use them and the motherboard will because its not as sophisticated? I have no clue when it comes to networking, building and gaming, godly, networking, I'm a moron and I'm not afraid to admit it.

All thoughts and information is highly appreciated. Do I need a new cat6 cable (or splurge on a cat7?) or is it the card.

I realize the card has been "phased out" and I have the most recent drivers from the website. It doesn't say it supports 64 bit but when I install it and look at the adapter in control panel and then driver details I get...

"m4cxwin764.sys" and "m4x64coinst.dll" which to me says its windows 7 and 64 bit so it should work. Both cards can't be blown. They seem to work flawless in windows XP but I can't go back to XP.....
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  1. sounds to me more like a driver issue
  2. anyone else? any more input?
  3. so turns out my crappy action-tech router from verizon is the problem. only 2 ports work, I am in number 1 and my brother is in number 4, 2 and 3 don't work. I unhooked my brother and put him in number 1 and his still worked, I put mine in his 4th port and my network card started to work. Guess i gotta call verizon and bitch about the router not working.
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