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Hi everyone,

Im looking at buying components to build a computer but I want to install the Mac OS on it, not windows. I was wondering what your seggestions would be
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  1. Google "Hackintosh". You'll find far more info there than anyone could give in a post here.
  2. Gigabyte motherboards are meant to be the most compatible.
  3. Know for a fact that the EP45-UD3P works with snow... you have to have a newer mac book to make the restore image and add the right modded boot files. There is a guide to follow on this topic.... he even list the hardware he used and is know good:) just google lifehacker and you should find the guide. Make sure you buy the snow dvd... there only $29.99 good luck

    I waited over a year and am loving it..... also don't have to use a 9800 gtx a 9800gt 1gb card works as does a ATI 4870 512mb right from the get go. All software updates as it should no problems at all. :D
  4. Intel Processors work perfect and have a ide hard drive :]
  5. just look at
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