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Hi all.

I've been looking for a free VPN service and I have come across "It's hidden". I went to the sight and could not find a way to open a free account. If anyone has experience with them, help is appreciated.

If not, could anyone point me in the direction of another free VPN service?

Any help is appreciated.
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  1. Hamachi from is free for personal use
  2. If I understand Hamachi correctly, I have to have my own personal access point and have a computer running hamachi all the time correct?

    I would do that if my home internet wasn't down right terrible.

    If there is a different way to use hamachi, then I'm all ears.

  3. I'm closing the thread as the question has been answered and this kind of question tends to attract spam.
    If anyone has issue with this, they can PM me.
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