How to increase my wifi range with Xfinity box/router?

I just moved into my new house a week ago and I have some dead spots in my house. In my small old apartment I had a Linksys EA4500 that got most of the work done. Do you know if it is possible to connect that router (or another it you think it is better) to my xfinity box (router, cable, telephone thing) or should i buy something else to extend the range or rebroadcast the signal? like the Amped Wireless SR20000G? willing to spend around $200
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    Something like this will work and you don't need to spend $200 , you can spend half that or les and get wireless service to all parts of your house.
    If you want to and your able to run an ethernet cable to a location in your house where the signal is weak , you can put in another wireless router and have it cover the rest of the weak area.
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