Is this a Windows XP problem I am encountering or?

maybe a hardware problem?

My system:

Athlon XP1600+
512 MB DDR Ram
SB Live!
MSI GeForce3 Ti200
60 GB Maxtor HD

I had continious problems with my monitor going on standby and not being able to get it back to normal (not even a hard reboot) so I worked with a TNT2 Ultra for a few weeks, I had no problems during that time.

I recently went back to my GeForce3 as I wanted to play the newer games again but now I am encountering a lot of crashes too, usually (in-game) my computer freezes and when I restart XP says a "Drawing operation couldn't be completed" (or something similar) but occasionally it freezes in Windows XP itself and than I get no error message.

I heard this was a Windows XP bug... can anyone confirm this because if it is I will go back to Win98.

But I'd rather not go back to Win98 to find out that doesn't help a bit either... So if anyone *knows* for sure I would appreciate an answer on this.

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  1. What different video drivers have you tried?

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