How to bypass you ISP internet restrictions when using a router?

My ISP is RDS (Romanian Data Systems) and if i have there cable connected directly to my laptop, i have download speed of 11 MB/s, but if i connect through a router my download speed is just 10% of that. I made a trace and saw that it took 11 points to reach (when i'm connected directly) and 12 when i go through the router. They most certanly cut the band when the ping/trace has a difference of 1 point. They probably do this to preserve the band limits. How can i connect through a router and make the system think i'm connected directly ? So that i can have the same band that i pay for, not just 10% of it? Can you please help?
My router is : TP-LINK 300M Wireless N Router Model No. TL-WR941ND
Now i know that in order to make this bypass i can install the Linux version of the router, but i don't know the steps in order to do that. Is there any other way in order to do this that is simpler? Thank you very much in advance and have a pleasent evening
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  1. the reason you had an additional hop/point is because you added the router.

    Did you reboot the modem after you connected the router?

    turn off the modem and the router

    connect the router to the modem

    turn on the modem and wait for it to completely boot up

    then turn on the router

    now see if the speed is back to 11Mb/s (which is equal to 1.3MB/s)
  2. First of all, i do not have a modem. They're CAT5E cable is entering my home directly from there router. Second, i'm not downloading with 11Mb/s, i'm downloading with 11MB/s. This is an example :
  3. installing the third party firmware from DD-WRT is as easy as updating the regular firmware.

    go to and enter model number of your router, choose the version you have, and download the Special Image for Initial flushing.

    log into your route and do a firmware upgrade by choosing the file you downloaded.
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