5.1 PC or Home theater set?

I visited Best Buy today and checked out the PC speakers and Home theater speakers. After listening to 5.1 Logitech and Pro Media speakers I concluded that the Home theater package sounds better. Would it not be a better idea to buy a home theater package with a reciver, 5 speakers and a sub for the same price as the PC speakers. i.e Pro Medias or Logitech 5.1. Or will I be missing out on something when buying the Home theater system for a PC?
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  1. You didn't know that you can interface a PC with a home theater system? Yep. If you like home theater but would like to add some PC options (with AIW cards your PC could replace your DVD player, your TiVO, a home MP3 player, and your game counsel), you can connect the PC to the home theater receiver with ease.

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  2. I agree with Crashman, if the home system sounds better, go for it, more value for the money and use your PC as a home theater system.

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