Strange connection problem.

Hey guys, I'm having a weird problem with my internet, or more specifically, using browsers. Every time I am moving through pages online, regardless of what pages, I get an interruption with my connection. It lasts maybe 30 seconds. When this happens, my browser(google chrome) will say "Sending Request" at the bottom, then tell me it couldn't find the page, at which point I reload, back up, reload and nothing. After a bit, it will finally say "Waiting on (insert web-page).com" and loads the page. At first I thought it was some kind of wireless connectivity problem, as my computer is connected via a wireless network, but then I discovered the same behavior on a PC wired directly to the modem vie ethernet. Since this problem has been happening, I've switched my modem and routers out, and now have a netgear 7550 modem/router. I would chalk this up to configuration problems, or just plain old bad internet providers, but the strange thing is, I don't notice any interruption in connection while gaming online. My two sons can be playing online on each of their systems and me on the pc, and it never disconnects in-game or shows any significant lag as far as I can tell. Could this be a problem with the ports browsers use for web surfing, as opposed to the ports game clients use to game?
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  1. Also, I have tried different browsers, too. Internet Explorer does the same thing.
  2. Bump, lol. Anyone?? It does this pretty frequently. Very annoying. It's a DNS look up failure, which doesn't really narrow anything down, for me anyway. If this was my ISP's fault, in what way would they be causing it? Could a slower dsl connection cause this kind of behavior, considering gaming online does not seem to have these connection problems? I tried calling my ISP to ask them about it, but it took about 5 min. to talk to someone, and they told me it had to be currently doing this for them to identify it. Well, if I call them while it's messing up, it'll take so long to talk to somebody that it will probably have stopped. If I do get ahold of them, what are some specific questions I should ask them about their service, ie dns information or anything that could potentially cause this behavior? Please?
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