NetGear Router, Dead after reboot! [HELP!]

Hey guys,

So I rebooted my router after adding a MAC address to the MAC address filtering scheme, and now it wont get its static IP and broadcast. what have I done and how can I fix it?

and before someone says "Turn it off and on again" and "hard reset it", ive done this! it was first port of call!

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    When you did the hard reset did the router turn back on and were the lights blinking like they were trying to lock in the signal ?
    You have a static Ip ?
    Have you tried entering in the static Ip into the router manualy ?
    You have checked the cable connections to make sure that they are not loose.
  2. Problem fixed itself, the Router is DEAD! :cry: looks like its a new one is on the cards! ¬.¬
    Thanks for your input inzone mate.
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