Cat 7 will not connect at 1gbps, only 100mbps

I bought some cat 7 cables to replace cat 5e. I connected two different cat 7 cables with the same results of only connecting at 100mbps and the response of web pages was horrible. I used the old cat 5e cables and went right back to 1gbps and great response.
Do these shielded cables need grounded connectors on the motherboard an at the router? I see they have metal around the connectors.
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  1. nope nothing special.

    Cat 7 is only used for 10g interfaces and few people can afford 10g. Cat7 cable is used to hook core switches together when distance short and they don't want to use fiber.

    It should have worked it is backward compatible but it doesn't matter. Your ports can only run at 1G and you get that on cat5e. There is no advantage to replace the cable with cat 6 or especially with cat7.

    This is a big scam by the cable manufactures. They print all the specs that show how the cable is faster but neglect to say it does no good if you don't have faster equipment to hook to it. The port speed of the equipment is the limiting factor.

    This is like saying we repaved the highway so you can now run 200mph but you only have a econo car that can do 80mph. You will still do only 80 mph until you buy a new car.
  2. BIll,
    Thanks for the response.

    As for the econo car theory, I have gigabit connections and the Cat 5E connects at 1G. The Cat 7 only connects at 100mb. It also has a lot of trouble bringing up web pages. It is totally useless as is. Ideally, I think it needs a different connector that is grounded.

    I was upgrading because a couple of cables run parallel to the heating system and I wanted the extra shielding. My son thinks he may be getting some interference.

    I have seen on another site that they must be grounded or else the shielding becomes an antenna and has a lot of interference. That seems to be the case.

    I will try grounding the cable one day and post the results.
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