Clear internet modem hook up to blue ray player

How do I hookup my blue ray player to my CLEAR internet modem? The

modem is hooked up to my pc. I have an ethernet cable that I can hook up

to the blue ray but can,t hook up to the modem as it only has one ethernet

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  1. It depends on your Clear modem model, if it has routing capability (some do), all you need is a switch. Otherwise I would use a router, although you could use a router in AP mode if you also want a local wireless network available.
  2. Do you have 2 ethernet plug?
    If so you can do network bridging with your PC:
    1.) Go to Control Panel > Network and Internet > Network Connections
    2.) Plug your Blu-Ray player to your computer
    3.) You should see you Blu-Ray (or etc) on the list then highlight it and the "Local area connection"
    4.) Right click then select "Bridge Connections"

    The PC has to be on
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