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I have 5 computers running win7 Ultimate x64.All have gigabit lan ports so they are connected using a 8 port Gigabit Switch to share the files and printers.
(ip assigned to each pc in range 192.168.x.x)

I read that if any one port or a cable connecting the gigabit ports is not gigabit standard then the whole network comes down to 100mbps (4 gig lan nic and 1 10/100 nic will down the speed)

So if i connect my DSL modem to this switch (sharing broadband) ,my LAN will come down to 100mbps ? (the modem specs shows that the LAN port on modem is 10/100)

best wishes
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  1. Your computers will transfer data between them at gigabit speeds over the switch, but any data that goes to or from the router will be at 100Mbps, so the Internet connection or anything that goes to/from a wireless device on the router.
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