WRT54G firmware with wifi schedule and power

i own a WRT54G linksys router. works really great but i'm missing two features
- being able to change the tx power
- being able to turn wifi off on a schedule

as you can guess, i'm being apprehensive regarding EMF, so i'd like to turn off wifi at night and lowering the tx signal to the minimum required.

the question: i saw two alternative firmware, dd-wrt and tomato, I think they both offer the tx signal control but no one has wifi schedule. do you know if there is a firmware which specifically gives me the requirements i need?

alternatively, do you know a product i could buy which offers them?

thanks in advance
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  1. DD-WRT can turn the wifi on and off according to a schedule (that can be made quite complex if you want) using the CRON function in Administration/Management. It follows the standard Linux CRON format, and the dd-wrt sites have a lot of examples.
  2. exactly what i was searching for

    in dd-wrt forum there are lots of examples too. and if i understand correctly there are firmware builds which contains a simplified web interface too (Wireless -> Advanced Settings -> Radio Time Restrictions)

    CRON seems the best tough. thanks a lot for pointing me in the right direction!
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