How to connect to Internet, through WiFi; a problem

i am having trouble connecting to my internet at home,
i have got wi-fi but it doesnt seem to want to connect to it
would u be able to help me.
thank you.
Grace Saunders
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  1. If you have set up a home network then the computer that you used to set it up will have the homegroup password which you need for wireless but not for wired.
    Go to control panel and select network and Internet and then select Homegroup. Then select view and print the homegroup password and the next page will bring up the password.
    If you haven't set up a network then with a computer that's plugged into the router you need to setup a homegroup network , which in the Network and Internet section of the control panel will show you how to do and then you can use the other directions on how to find the password or at the end of the setup it will show you what it is.
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