Long cable between modem and router or between router and computer?

Should I have a long cable between my router and my modem and a shorter cable between my router and my computer OR a short cable between my router and modem and a long one between the router and the computers? The router is non-wireless, I have a separate wireless router.
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  1. It should make no difference, though I prefer to keep my modem and router fairly close since diagnosing your network/internet will usually require a reboot of your modem and router.
  2. In a typical setup, the modem, or whatever access point you use for access to the outside world, and router are kept within close proximity. So to use a typical Cable internet connected home with say 6 wired ethernet devices the configuration would be...

    #1. Incoming cable to cable modem.
    #2. Short ethernet cable jumper from cable modem to router.
    #3. Short ethernet cable jumper from router to switch (if your wired port need is greater than your router can supply, if not never mind this...)
    #4. Long ethernet cables to wired ethernet devices, PCs, security camera systems etc...

    If your cable is run through the walls you will want keystones and wall plates in the mix as well as sufficiently sized cables to go from router or switch to wall, then wall to whatever device.
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