Mystery of the magically appearing system32 folder

I'm about to reimage this machine.. somebody stop me.

One machine I was called upon to look at has a very odd problem. Every time it's rebooted the c:\winnt\system32 folder opens up for all to see. Doesn't matter who logs in, the folder opens up, just like it would as if it were open when you shut the machine down and it's reopening it for you. Scans by both the built in software and Norton have shown no file or drive corruption. No other problems, crashes, or flukes are present. This isn't really a problem, except that it's pissing off the user. And considering she's a VP, I'm hesitant to tell her to just live with it. So the million dollar question.. where the hell does Win2k store the "this folder was open at shutdown" info? I'm assuming the registry.
My company's national support team are clueless, they tell me to reimage. I'd rather avoid that.
If it makes a difference, this is a Compaq DP ENL, Win2k SP2, slightly customized for the bank. We have literally thousands identical such machines. Only software installed on this is Office, Lotus Notes, & HP scanning crap
Now.. any takers? :)
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  1. Maybe this has something to do with the problem?

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