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Installed Windows 8 upgrade over XP. Had to do a clean re-install after being hacked. Can't reinstall XP to use the upgrade 8. Have 8 on but not working well. Still need to load XP. Any suggestions?
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  1. Why can't you reinstall XP? You don't have the CD or something??
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    You don't need to install xp to use the upgrade. But since you already have windows 8 installed just do a refresh. On the charms bar go to "Settings," and then "Change PC settings." Go to "General," then "Refresh your PC without affecting your files." Alternatively you can also select "Remove everything and reinstall Windows" that is below the refresh option.
  3. Did you get it installed?
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  5. tigerg said:
    Why can't you reinstall XP? You don't have the CD or something??

    I have the CD, I get a compatibility warning and Windows * won't let it install.
  6. MyNewPCBuild said:
    Did you get it installed?

    Yes, thanks so much. After fighting it for 2 days one click solved the problem!!
  7. Hello, I paid for a windows 8 update (from wondows 7) and I want to reinstall a clean windows 8.

    I do not have anymore any windows 7 CD to install it.

    Can I install any original or copy of windows 8 and use my authentic offical key to register the windows 8 version that I will install ?

    Thank you for your help.
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