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I've been given the task of building a server for a company I work for. Problem is I can't find any information on scsi hardware. I've not used scsi hardware before however I have a general idea of termination and such, but I realize I have much to learn.
Here's what i'm thinking

Xeon p4 2gb x2
1gb ram
2 hd's for OS/mirror (raid 2? can't remember)
3 Hd's for Data/application (raid 5)
I don't know any good motherboards, need advice
the rest is minor i think.

Now I'm using it for an all around server.
Application server
File Server
Remote access (max 2 users at a time)

Any direction, help is appreciated.

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  1. Raid 1 is mirroring, not raid2.

    And im wondering about the need for a Xeon server... thats gonna cost you.
    A mid to low range MPX server with MP1600 to MP2400 cpu's in it would be far more affordable, and allmost as beefy

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  2. Ok, you're using SCSI RAID, I'd reccomend using a PCI based SCSI RAID not integrated. I do not own a server and I have never built one, thats just my opinion. the mobo for Xeon servers are 400 bucks by themselves, but if you are going Xeon make sure to get the ones w/ 1mb of on-die cache. Well worth the 'arm and a leg' it costs.
    Raid 0 and 5 is striping for Data and Raid 1 is mirroring, I strongly reccommend you read the IDE guides and the FAQ in the forum that cover RAID, here at THG.
    Hope I helped..
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