Sharing files but not internet with my bro's

I'm in Afghanistan and I have set up my laptop using system 7 to share my satellite internet with my galaxy tab2. (cat 5 to wifi broadcast)
That was a breeze thanks to you all here on tom's hardware. :)
Now I have a crap ton of "files" I want to share with my bro's on the post but I dont want them to access my internet. How can I set up my wireless to let them have access to my shared files but not to my internet?
Thanks for any and all help. :)
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  1. Thanks for your service!

    If you are on the same subnet, and use the same workgroup name, just enable file sharing in the sharing and security tabs when you right click the folder(s) that you want to share. The other option, although it is slow when used on wireless is homegroups.
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