Duel Moniters..Help please

I want to run 2 moniters at the same time.

i have a GEorce4 and win xp.

what are my options.. My video card is AGP. Do i just add a second PCI card? anyone with any ideas?

cost is not a worry, whatever it takes to do it best.
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  1. Doesn't your card have a second monitor output, a DVI type perhaps? If it's DVI, can't you add an adapter?

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  2. Matrox G550 Dual head
    I have been using Matrox cards in my systems for years and have always loved them. I am not a gammer, and I use GForce cards for all other systems. I would be tempted to try a dual head GForce if I were you.

    If I could get a dual head GForce and a PCI GForce so I could run at least three displays I would try to switch to GForce. I run 4 displays right now with two Matrox cards (one AGP and one PCI - both dual head)

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