Upload Issues D-Link dir-655

Hey guys!

So heres the run down.

Recently got Mediacom cable internet 30/3 Mbps. Connecting directly through the modem gives the appropriate 30/3. Connecting through the dir-655 also gives the appropriate speeds. Connecting wirelessly to the router gives upwards of 30 down, but the upload ALWAYS hangs. I have tested on all 3 of our laptops, and my desktop that i just built. I have tested on speedtest.net on different server locations as well as through Centurylink's test as well. It will hang for about 10-20 seconds, and has given results of .05Mbps to 1Mbps. I KNOW there is an issues, as uploading is horribly slow, and sometimes the test has even came back saying it cannot retrieve an upload speed.

I have switched to the least congested channel (channel 6 where we are), I have upgraded from 1.32NA to 1.35NA firmware, I have toggled QoS Engine settings, turned them off completely, back on, changed upload speeds from Auto to 40,000, and also to 2,000. I have toggled Short GI, and even switched to a Cisco router that we also own. The Cisco router does not have upload issues, but doesnt give us a full 20-30Mbps down.

I am wracking my brain as either we have to put up with sub par down speeds from the Cisco router, or glitchy upload speeds from the D-Link router.

I am using WPA2 security, i am NOT using WPS. Power levels from the modem itself are all running close to 0dbms, and the upload is running at i think 44-45 dbms.

Oh and its a Cisco modem.

any further information please let me know and i'll check it as soon as i get home later. thanks!
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  1. http://www.dslreports.com/tools

    This web page has a lot of tools to help in diagnoseing problems.
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