Win7 installation won't detect SSD

Hello, I'm having some problems with my win7 installation.

As mentioned in the title the main installation will not detect the SSD and is asking for drivers, however, it is detected in diskpart.

The SSD is detected in BIOS, by ubuntu setup, linux mint setup, win7 setup's diskpart. I've ran the diskpart cleaning and reformatting and just cleaning to no avail.

The SSD works perfectly fine and I previously installed Linux Mint on it since win7 setup would not detect it besides in diskpart.
I've tried adding the SATA drivers to the installation but that doesn't give me any result either, everywhere I check it's either "do the diskpart thing" or "drive's broken".

Does anyone have any other tips?

Asus Sabertooth Z77
Patriot Pyro SE 250GB
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  1. It could be that RAID is enabled for the controller in the BIOS or the drive is connected to the RAID ports instead of the standard SATA ports
  2. AHCI is enabled. They are all raid ports, and that would not be a problem as it is not set up to a RAID, and as I mentioned above, tried to install with the RAID drivers for the system too. So it's not that.
  3. are you installing win7 from a DVD disc or from a USB mass storage device, some times the os installer can get confused if a USB stick is used as the install method (the USB mass storage device is confused as the main hdd).
  4. make sure to disconnect any other drives when installing windows to your ssd.

    Also you can try IDE mode in BIOS, then install windows. Afterwards, set AHCI within windows then set AHCI in your BIOS.
  5. Unfortunately none of these were it. I do thank everyone for their attempt but it was a (now confirmed) motherboard issue. The product has been RMA'd.

    Thanks anyways, at least I could troubleshoot it some!
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