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FS- Misc studio items

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December 30, 2004 2:32:40 PM

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For sale:

Apogee DA-16- 16 chl 96 Khz/ 24 bit D-A converter- $1700.00

Altec 429 tube line amp module- NOS- $300.00

GATES Solidstatesman AGC limiter- look complete- untested- $100.00 each

Harris Allied Soldistatesman limiter-untested - $150.00 each

CBS 400 series Volumax- vgc- $175.00 each

CBS 400 series Audimax- vgc- $175.00 each

Old RCA Oscilloscope- $75.00

Alesis 3630 compressors- $50.00 each

Collins mono tube power Amplifier- $100.00- as is

Dynamix Flanger- $175.00

Marantz 240 power amp w/ custom rackmount- $150.00

Crown D-150 power amp- $150.00

Crown IC-150 preamp w/ original wood case- $150.00

Akai ADR-1000plus reverb (made by Sony)- $300.00

Deltalab Effectron- 512- $75.00

Shure M-68 mic mixer- $35.00

Studer TLS syncronizer w/ cables for two Studer decks- $200.00

Accessories for Sony 3348/ 3324s- Anyone still using these great
machines? Package including 2- dub cables, lynx cable, meterbridge
cable, manuals, two boxes of misc extra cards and parts- $200.00 for

Mackie Mixer/ mixer w/ master fader- $125.00

Custom Anvil style case with three triple row tt patchbays wired to
rear EDAK 90 pin connectors- $200.00

2- Anvil shockmount racks approx 20 space, grey with slant rack at top
for mixer- $185.00 each

Anvil case for AKG C-24 tube mic w/ smaller power supply- $50.00

Mitsubishi system- DA- P-10 preamp, F-10 tuner- $200.00 for the pair

Pair EV Century 100 speakers- $200.00

BBE - 802- $100.00

BBE 802 1 chl not working- $35.00

BBE 422- $75.00

Ampex bridging transformers- #458-200-01- $18.00 each (have about 20)

Dynaco PAM- mono tube preamp complete $75.00 also several parts units
available (no PC boards)


RCA 74 jr ribbon mics- reribboned- ec- $500.00 each

BLUE- Leipsig line level huge bottle mic- Complete system w/ M-7
lollypop capsule (others available fromBLUE) New supply, spare tubes,
anvil case- $3200.00
EV 664- fair condition- $75.00 each
Altec saltshaker mic- $175.00

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December 30, 2004 2:51:20 PM

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"yrplace" wrote ...
> For sale:
<list of equipment snipped>

WHERE? (Might be material for some larger, lower value considerations)
December 30, 2004 9:10:59 PM

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All the gear (and more) is in Los Angeles