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Faulty NIC or Modem issue ?

Last response: in Networking
January 30, 2013 6:13:35 PM

Hi people,

I don't have internet access on my desktop pc and don't know how to fix it yet.I bought a new mobo so I had to reinstall the windows and when it was all done ..bam no net.. so here are some more details:

1stly in device manager the device is enabled and working properly

then in the net config I can see that pc is connected to the homegroup but from there it cant connect to the net.

When I connect the cable to the laptop I have inet access...

so is it possible for the NIC to show in device manager that is OK but at the same time to be faulty ? or any ideas on how can I fix it ???

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February 2, 2013 3:59:48 AM

First check the plug where the network cable plugs into the desktop pc, when the cable is plugged in there should be 2 lights on. If the lights are on the NIC's plug shouldn't be an issue.

If lights are on open a cmd promt and type ipconfig, you should have an ipv4 address beginning with 192.168.x.x if you are on a regular home network. The default gateway should also match the first 3 numbers. Also try to ping the default gateway, the default gateway should be your router's ip address which is typically or but they do vary.
February 2, 2013 4:07:19 AM

Go to the control panel, and look at the network adapter. Does the LAN show as being connected, network cable unplugged, firewalled....etc?