Faulty NIC or Modem issue ?

Hi people,

I don't have internet access on my desktop pc and don't know how to fix it yet.I bought a new mobo so I had to reinstall the windows and when it was all done ..bam no net.. so here are some more details:

1stly in device manager the device is enabled and working properly

then in the net config I can see that pc is connected to the homegroup but from there it cant connect to the net.

When I connect the cable to the laptop I have inet access...

so is it possible for the NIC to show in device manager that is OK but at the same time to be faulty ? or any ideas on how can I fix it ???
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  1. First check the plug where the network cable plugs into the desktop pc, when the cable is plugged in there should be 2 lights on. If the lights are on the NIC's plug shouldn't be an issue.

    If lights are on open a cmd promt and type ipconfig, you should have an ipv4 address beginning with 192.168.x.x if you are on a regular home network. The default gateway should also match the first 3 numbers. Also try to ping the default gateway, the default gateway should be your router's ip address which is typically or but they do vary.
  2. Go to the control panel, and look at the network adapter. Does the LAN show as being connected, network cable unplugged, firewalled....etc?
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