Windows not recognizing USB at Login

Hi all, I've narrowed down the problem and solution, but I am curious of the method.

I've recently unistalled my display drivers (because I was going to update them), and after the reboot, my USB devices (keyboard/mouse) will not work at the Windows logon screen. I've been reading this is a known issue.

Here is where my problem is, I can't do a system restore because I don't have it setup, and I really won't/can't format. (stupidly only have 1 partition with lots of valuable data on it)

I'm really just interested in manually installing the USB controller device that my display drivers somehow uninstalled. (I think it's related to the chipset).

I have access to the cmd prompt in a weird repair mode that I've been able to access, that does have keyboard and mouse support. So I'm just interested in getting Windows to recognize the keyboard/mouse at the Login screen so I can actually access windows.

Any help would be much appreciated.

EDIT: The USB mouse/keyboard will work for BIOS, but the second the windows loading screen loads, the sensor for my mouse and the light on my keyboard turn off, and is not recognized until I go back pre-windows load. If I can just get past the logon screen, windows would do it's "new hardware recognized" thing. But I am stuck at the logon screen.

EDIT2: I'm running a AMD 785G chipset. I uninstalled Catalyst 12.3 to upgrade to the latest. on an AMD HD6950.
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  1. Any chance you have access to or can purchase a USB to PS2 adapter (provided your MB has a PS2 mouse and keyboard port)? This would allow you to work within windows.
  2. Unfortunately my mobo does not have ps/2 inputs. So I am stuck with USB at the moment.
  3. So much for that option. Will it allow you to boot intoSafe Mode with networking?
    Don't know if that would have any effect on the mouse and keyboard use ...grasping for solutions.
  4. I have booted into safe mode, and the same problem arises. No USB support. I really just want to get the generic USB driver, and install it manually through the CMD prompt. I really don't know what the generic USB driver would be though. I'm thinking about going installing an old HD, and installing windows on it, backing up all my data from the other HD, then just formatting and starting over. I just wish I could back up my files without having to go through all that...
  5. So since I've only got 1 drive and 1 partition, I'm thinking about hooking up an old hard drive, and installing a good version of windows on that drive. Then I will boot to the good windows install and backup the files I need to the newly inserted HD, then format (while creating multiple partitions so this never happens again) the current HD and just start anew. I shouldnt have any problems dual booting 2 copies of windows should i?
  6. Do you have the Windows disk for the OS that's installed on the problem HD? If so, you could try a repair.

    Here are some basic Microsoft mouse drivers. Just select your OS if you want to try via cmd prompt.
  7. cmichael138 said:
    Do you have the Windows disk for the OS that's installed on the problem HD? If so, you could try a repair.

    Here are some basic Microsoft mouse drivers. Just select your OS if you want to try via cmd prompt.

    Thanks for the reply again, I do not have the OS' disk, its only a restore partition on my drive. My only option right now is to format without backing up any files.

    As of right this moment, I'm copying over the files

    hccoin.dll to windows/system32



    to windows/system32/drivers

    I tried installing another drive, that i was going to reinstall windows, get a bootable machine and then copy the files i wanted to backup then format the original drive....but it's an old IDE hard drive. I even went out and bought a PCI connector that has an IDE slot on it. I kept getting x7b BSOD errors which are known to be "hard drive" errors.

    Thanks for all your help so far.
  8. Well actually, I didn't copy the usbport/usbehci/usbhub.sys files into /system32/drivers because they were already there. I didnt' want to overwrite them. Hccoin.dll was not in system32 though. So I added it just in case.

    EDIT: So I'm at a command prompt at the said computer. And I have downloaded this package (

    I've extracted it and put the contents on my thumbdrive. Trying to access the data as we speak. I'm not sure how to install all the drivers need though.
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