Brand new drivers for Soundblaster PCI 128

Hello all,

I have a ?? about these drivers (SBPCI_WebDrvsV5_12_01). I installed them last night, and they worked fine with my headphones, but now they do not work with my digital speakers (Boston BA735). I get no sound at all. I am forced to use an analog output from the subwoofer, and I can tell a HUGE quality difference. With the analog I get an annoying buzzing/humming sound at any volume level. I thought this was a problem with the subwoofer digital output or cable, so I contacted Boston Acoustics, and they told me I must've toggled a digital/analog switch in the soundcard software. I can't find this "switch" anywhere. Has anybody who's installed these same drivers have a similar problem??

I wish I could install the previous drivers, which sounded great, but now I get an illegal operation message everytime I try in reinstall them, and it won't let me continue.

Here are my system specs. if they are relevant to anything at all...

AMD Athlon XP 1700
Azza 366X-AS Mainboard
Soundblaster PCI 128
Boston Digital BA735 (Gateway) speakers and subwoofer
Windows 98SE

Thank you in advance to anyone who could help me out with this..
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  1. I feel for you dude, but this is just one of those things Creative is good for. Still, this response will bump your question back to the top for anyone who missed it.

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  2. Cool... Thanx man!! Aww, I just went ahead and uninstalled it, it's kinda old anyways, but these new drivers just messed it all up. What I did was I just started using the onboard VIA sound on my mainboard, which isn't half bad actually, but not as good as my Soundblaster digital was. Oh, well.

    Thanx again :)
  3. I tossed the same sound card and also using the crappy onboard for now.

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