Does RAM deteriorate over time?

That is to say, over time, does RAM get less effective/lose its power/speed, etc. I mean, in 2 years, will the RAM i have "lose it's juice?"


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  1. Probably not in 5 years even if it's properly made. Yes, the circuits deteriorate, but it's on the matter of 10's of years, and they fail suddenly when they reach that point.

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  2. All computer items will deteriorates over time. Its just that when it deteriorates to actually affect the comp, its probably worthless anyways.
  3. Manufacturers would love for us to think that.

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  4. The bigger problem is electrical spikes like when the neighborhood electrical transformer blows or a lightning strike some distance away.

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  5. At least the people at Kingmax don't think so as their RAMs carry a life-time warranty.
  6. they figure it will fail when nobody will care(ie about 10 years later). I had some EDO ram that had lifetime warrenty. The warrenty doesn't help if the item is near obsolete.
  7. If some can still run their very old PCs, dating from before 1985, there is obviously RAM in there and obviously it means RAM has an extremly long lifetime. Same thing for CPUs, you estimate 10 years but in fact it can be much beyond that. Overclocking or running it hot will shorten it, but 3 years off a potential 15, is nothing.

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