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Reliable Routers / Cable testing

Last response: in Networking
January 30, 2013 11:39:48 PM

Right now I am running a DLink DIR-655. I have 1 computer (my room mate's) connected directly to the router, then I have a long cat5e cable that I shortened myself running to a 5 port gigabit switch. Then on the switch I have a 2TB LG NAS drive, and a linux box, and then a windows 7 computer. I have no connectivity issues within that first hop on my switch. I am still able to switch my mouse and keyboard to my linux box regardless of any lockups and access my NAS. So I am positive the lockup is happening on my DLink router.

That is my backstory to my problem, and if you have any comments or suggestions regarding my setup feel free to shoot away. This is not my reason for posting however.

This is. I want to replace this router with a reliable one. I can spend up to ~250$, around there I'd prefer closer to 200 or even lower if possible. Small business routers are definitely acceptable and perhaps even preferred. I care more about my wired connections than wireless, so wireless is a plus but not a requirement.

If some of you can give me a bunch of possibilities to peruse, it would be much appreciated. I prefer products with reviews; I think everyone does though.

Lastly, that cat5e cable I shortened. I am at a loss trying to figure out a way to figure out if it is bombarding my router with bad traffic. Wireshark perhaps? Transfer a large file from one place to another using my switch and two computers? Any tips on testing cables for collisions or whatever else could be causing issues?
February 1, 2013 10:35:03 PM

-maximum single run cat5e length is 295 feet (90 meters)
-check the entire length of the long cable for kinks, snags, cuts, or anything abnormal (mice LOVE the plastic shielding for some reason...the mice near my house anyway)
-make sure the rj-45 connectors on the long cable are in good shape with the wires inserted into the connectors properly
-run a pingtest to the router (open cmd prompt, type: "ping x.x.x.x -t" where x.x.x.x is the router's IP address) and let it run for a length of time. also watch ping times under load (such as a file download from the internet through router, as well as file transfer between computers on the switch only). is a router on my wishlist.