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I dont know what is this problem but I really hate whats happening on my laptop watching youtube

at first very high internet utilization buffering maybe 30 sec then back to 0% unless I play the video

I really hate this because my vid cannot buff continually buff because i need to play it again to buff +30 sec again

:pfff: Before i buff video for 10mins for a 10min video :pfff: I leave it when im eating :o But now 10mins is just 30sec+ because if I will not play the video it stops buffering :o


i googled youtube buffering stop when not playing I dont know that there is a tutorial on how to fix it :(
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  1. You have a slow internet connection.
  2. I have 50 Mbps internet speed and my YouTube videos will not buffer but a small amount unless I'm playing them,I believe that is the norm now if that is what you mean.
  3. Yea, Youtube videos will buffer as you play the video. I think it got changed.
  4. thanks to all of your replies i believe that this is just normal because many people has also have my problem.. so OK YOUTUBE I WILL ACCEPT YOUR NO PLAY NO BUFF POLICY...
  5. Yeah me too I was freaking out thinking something was wrong with my PC. It buffers then it just stops :(
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