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Set up: Desktop running XP is plugged into cable modem. Printer is attached to this computer.
Belkin wireless router is attached to cable modem.(modem has 4 cat 5 plugs) Router has extra cat 5 plugs too.
Laptop running Win 7 is using the Belkin router.
Can I setup a network so the laptop will to talk to the printer (not a wireless printer) as it's plugged or do I need to plug the desktop into the router? the router is about 10ft from the desktop and modem. I ran a long cat5 from the modem, which is close to the desktop, to the router to get better wifi signal to rest of the house.
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  1. Your router, I would have to assume as a NAT router, and the IP shouldn't be routable, so effectively they are on 2 separate networks. You should take the desktop and connect it to the router, not the modem.

    For what it's worth, I suspect your cable modem is a combination modem / router due to the presence of the 4 ports. A normal modem only has one LAN port...
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