54 mbps vs 64 kbps internet speed

My new tablet says it needs at least 64 Kbps to operate and my wireless router says it is 54 Mbps speed. My tablet says it is avoiding slow internet connection. Do I need a faster wireless connection?
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  1. A router with 54mbps today is considered slow when you compare it to the new routers that are out there. However the tablet should still connect , are there no further options to connect ? Is there a force connect option that you could make it connect to your router ?
    With the speed of your router you must have a G rated router and an upgrade to a N router would be better if it's in your budget to do so. The N routers will also be backwards compatable so you wouldn't have to upgrade all of your existing wireless adapters. You will only benefit from the upgrade since it will bring a higher wireless speed into your network. Even the lower N routers which are generaly under $50 will bring 150 Mbps wireless speeds and it just goes up from there.
  2. I cannot find a force option to connect the tablet. I do have a b/g router from Windstream, my DSL provider. I'll check with them to see if they will do an upgrade for me. I really appreciate your input, as I had no idea where to begin to remedy the problem. The tablet tells me it is "avoiding a slow connection". I just bought the tablet yesterday and it is a Double Power (dopo). The price was right! Thank you, and have a great day!!
  3. I had thought that with the tablet relling you that it was avoiding the slow connection that it was not the same as telling you that it wouldn't connect or can't connect so that it would mean that you could force it to connect. The b/g type router is a very old style and most routers nowadays have the b/g/n capability and in speaking with your phone company if they don't have an upgrade you could ask if you could get one yourself to provide yourself with the faster connection.
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