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I just read the how to that someone wrote up about building a mini-pc to be used with a tv for many diferent uses. However, this seemed far too complicated for what i want to do. All im looking to do is build a mini unit that can be used as a link to my other pc (for mp3's), and to use it as a video recorder (TiVo like). I dont need to use it for games or any audio options, since i have a damn fine a/v reciever and a pc for games. If anyone has experiance with seting up such a thing, any help would be GREAT! im hoping to keep the cost under $300 sine i have drives/case/power and such. Hard drives are cheap enough that i could grab a large drive for little cost for the recording. and i could care less what it looks like or how quiet it is... thats what closets are for! so yea, any help would be great.

Thanks in advace.

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  1. You should look into something with optical sound output so your a/v receiver can do the sound processing instead of the computer's sound card. That or a pass-thru audio card but those are over $200 by themselves from what I understand. If you can spend a little more, get a Shuttle SB-51G barebones system and build it up. THe barebones will cost around $300, then you add CPU, memory, hard drive and CD-Rom. Everything else is built in including 5.1 audio, optical output (good for you!), Network, Video (fairly good) and more.

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  2. Well actually i have a spare SB Audigy card with optical out. But i guess im just not sure what i would need in order to make the video recording practical and functional. Like i said, ive got some of the hardware so i really dont want to buy annother case and all that junk. Not to mention ive got to work out how to hook it all up to my current tv system. Ive got a digital cable box that recieves the signal, then it runs to my reciever for processing and distribution. The reciever handles all the video and audio switching as well, so it would have to run from the cable box to the pc, then to the reciever for switching to the tv. The optical audio out and an s-video out would be essential. so what cards woul do this and allow me to record as well.... im at the very very beginning of all of this and was hoping that someone would have tried this or done this before and could help.... I totaly agree though that allowing the reciever to process the audio would be the best way to go though. so yea... lots of questions runnin through my mind at the moment about it all......

    as for the mp3's thats a rather simple solution with a wi-fi network setup (which ill have as soon as i move out of my apartment in a short while), and then the tv output to control it. But again it raises annother quesiton.... once i have it on screen, id need a way to control it all.... wireless mouse, keyboard, or remote.... more questions.....

  3. I use a Logitech Elite Duo Wireless Keyboard / Mouse for my HTPC. Also, I run a Radeon 7500 with a VGA to Component adapter into a 36" HDTV. For video recording, Win TV PVR would do the trick at $200-250.

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