My router ip address is not accessible how do i fix?

Hello, I have a linksys router and i'm having quite a big issue. it's been since 2010 that I bought it and have no problems up until recently. I was playing/ going through all the security settings just to what all there was to help secure my router. I noticed an ip setting and I 95% sure I did something which changed it; and now i am unable to access my router settings. Whenever I type the old ip address ( or any of the few other ip addresses) it gives error page and says this page is non existent or it gives me a link to click on with the failed ip address to do a google search. My question is, is there any way that I can reset the router (like a system restore on a computer), or have I completely F'ed up?
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  1. there should be a pin hole reset button in the back of the router. you need to keep it pressed for at least 30 sec.
  2. Reset to factory settings by using the reset function (varies by model, but typically as Emerald states), start over, this time not locking yourself out of the router.
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