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Where is the best place to buy media? Price and quality of course matter.

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  1. At a computer swapmeet.

    Ultra low prices, lots of vendors to bargain with, and a range of products from 100 packs of cheapo CD's to quality TDK, EMTEC, Verbatim and others.

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  2. The best media to buy first of all is Japanese made media. It is higher quality and will last longer.

    Second, Best Buy and other retailers typically offer excellent discounts on CD-R through rebate offers. This week I think you can get a spindle of 100 Fujifilm (made in Japan) CD-R media for $9.99 after rebates. That is a sweet deal.

  3. Imation 48x rated CD-R's (CMC Magnetics) are very good and of course they are quite inexpensive.

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