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I have a windows 7 enterprise 64 bit OS. I am trying to install a HP 1022 Laserjet and it will not let me. It says that the printer is not connected with the computer. Please help
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  1. Hi: Thank yo ufor your email. I downloaded it and installed it, (I got a message saying that the installation was complete) but after the installation was complete, nothing showed up in the control panel for printers and I cannot print. So can you give me any further advice? Appreciate it. I have a Windows 7 64 bit OS
  2. You must remove all HP related software from your system.
    (Control Panel Add/remove software) If the printer appears at all in Devices and Printers remove it. Disconnect the printer from your machine. If you saved the HP Driver File Right click on the setup file and choose 'Run as Administrator'. (You'll have to download it again if you chose 'run' but this time choose 'save as') Once it has finished reconnect your printer and it should be found.
  3. Tried just what you told me to do, but no luck. I have noticed that many other people have had this problem with HP 1022 and Windows 7. Could you give tell me if there is anything else that I could do? Thank you.
  4. I have to tell you that there is a HP LaserJet 4050 that is installed on my machine. I cannot remove this. This 4050 is working fine.
  5. OK. Try the same steps as before,remove and re-install, but this time instead of 'Run as Administrator' choose 'Troubleshoot Compatibility' and use recommended settings. It will try XP first, then if that fails try Vista... Hopefully the 4050 is not causing the problem...
  6. Sorry to bother you again, but I tried that and it has not fixed the problem. Any other suggestions? Thanks again.
  7. Also, when I went and tried to add a printer in the control panel ("devices and printers"), it said that it was searching for the device...but it kept searching but could not find the printer (this was when the printer was connected to the computer). Looks like the computer is having trouble recognizing that there is a printer hooked up to it.
  8. does anything appear in Device manager with the usb ports expanded when you plug/unplug?
    Also try to find out if there's a firmware update
  9. Hi: I uninstalled everything, went to add printer and selected the USB001 virtual printer port. I have a win 7 OS, so it automatically showed me the drivers it already had and asked me to click to install. I think that the key was selecting the USB001 virtual printer port.
    So now the problem is resolved. Thank you very much for your help. If you would not have responded, I would not have pursued the problem, so I thank you again for taking the time to respond.
  10. add printer and selected the USB001 virtual printer port

    Noted for future reference! Think I've done that in the past, should've remembered...
  11. Thanks for your time though :)
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