Will the intel core i3 duo 2nd gen prossesor support the nuendo and fruity loop

i am using intel pentium 4 processor with my desk top,and using window xp. some one plz tell me that if i go for intel core 2 duo i3 processor then will the processor able to run the music studio softs like Nuendo and Fruity Loops for studio music recordings. :bounce:
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  1. yes it will
  2. core 2 duo and i3 are two different things. a pentium 4 and win xp is old and dated, and isn't worth upgrading.

    Here is a sticky thread, if you have the money to build a new pc; http://www.tomshardware.co.uk/forum/261222-13-build-advice

    You wont be able to put a Core 2 duo or an i3 in place of your pentium 4.

    You're also going to want win7 or at least vista.
  3. Yes, but you should look at what aaronstyle said and the link he has provided.
  4. isn't worth upgrading depends on what you upgrade, replace 3 components and you have a new machine, thats an upgrade.

    and yes it will.
  5. Will Nuendo and Fruity Loops work on Windows 7?
  6. aaronstyle said:
    You wont be able to put a Core 2 duo or an i3 in place of your pentium 4.

    Not strictly true. The i3 certainly won't, but there's a very slim possibility that the Core2Duo might, it all depends on the motherboard and bios version.

    The last of the Pentium 4's was the Prescott and had different versions which ran on the existing socket478 and the newer LGA775, the latter of which the Core2Duo ran on.

    It's highly unlikely you would have a Core2Duo board and only be running a P4 on it. But I've got to ask, what is the make and model of your current motherboard?
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