Is my Sapphire hd 7770 compatible with windows 8 pro?

hi i have sapphire hd 7770 ghz edition and i have windows 8 pro 32bit can you tell me this two are compatible?as well i have hp deskjet 2050 the problem when i install my windows 8 pro my printer are not working.can someone gives me solution for my problem.thank you in advance.
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  2. i solve the problemregading the priter hp deskjet 2050
  3. i solve the problem regarding the printer hp deskjet 2050
  4. Why would you think they aren't compatible? Just load the win8 drivers.
  5. Yes, the HD7770 is Win 8 compatible. Go here to get the latest drivers:
  6. yes. use latest drivers.
  7. thanks man : )
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