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I'm trying to play a game that requires DirectX8.1. Since my sound card is 3 yrs old and creative last update was in 2000,....problems. I have a gateway 500m, ati radeon 9000 pro video card(new), 512 ram, pIII 500mhz w/tabor3ws440bx mb. My computer will eventually lock up, can only restart manually. I can then play fine for awhile and then the same thing happens. Talked with mfg of game and they said my video card and sound card have to support DirectX8.1. Any suggestions would be greatly appreiciated.
Thanking you in advance,
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  1. the sound blaster live supports 7 dx and v-card 8 try using different 5.1 sound card, or up grading from sb live to audigy
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  2. To ycs46241

    Thanks for the info.
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