Cannot connect to Linksys Router Web Page

i cannot connect to linksys
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  1. Unless you have changed it, it is still at Make a wired connection and type ipconfig /all in your command prompt window to confirm that is still the gateway address. Type whatever address comes back as your gateway into the computer connected by Ethernet cable.
  2. Since your post was short and somewhat ambiguous, I will help where I can, but without more info I am really taking a stab at it...

    3 things come to mind...
    #1. You are on WiFi, and have WiFi access to the page disabled (which you should for security sake). To fix this, run a cable from the router to the PC to connect.
    #2. Your router is for some reason not at, this is configurable, like RealBeast says above, figure out your gateway, that should be your router.
    #3. You forgot the password and can't log in. Can't help you there other than to suggest find a way to remember it, or reset your router to factory settings and start over.
  3. barq_20 said:
    i cannot connect to linksys
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