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May 17, 2004 5:28:43 PM

Archived from groups: microsoft.public.broadbandnet.hardware (More info?)

Whilst running Setup Wizard, I cannot set up the Base
Station. Software has installed OK but after the first
screen "Set Up a Product -- Base Station or Adapter" I
clicked "Base Station" but then got the following error
message: "No Adapter Found. To set up a base station, a
network adapter is required. The wizard was aunable to
detect an adapter installed on this computer. If you
have a new Microsoft adapter and you want to use it to
set up your base station, click Next".

I have a non-Microsoft PCI Ethernet Adapter installed on
my computer which is not being recognised by the Setup
Wizard. I have tried reinstalling the PCI Ethernet
Adapter but still no go. I have disabled all possible
conflicts that I can think of including Norton Anti Virus
and System Works software. I have tried clicking "Next"
after the error message but only get a list of Microsoft
products to choose from - there is no choice to install a
non-Microdoft PCI Ethernet Adapter.

I have tried choosing installation of "Adapter" in the
Setup A Product screen, but again only a list of
Microsoft products appear. I have tried doing all of the
above in Windows Safe Mode - still no go. I have checked
the fitting and cables of my PCI Ethernet Adapter which
are all OK, within Windows XP Device Manager it states
that my Network Adapter is installed and working

So at this point I cannot proceed beyond the first screen
within the Setup Wizard. Anyone got any suggestions on
this one?

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